"I have been heard to say that Katherine is magic.

In truth she's deeply knowledgeable about the real estate market, hard working and an incredibly astute strategist. Her well-researched and detailed plan and recommendations for the sale of my house netted a final sales price 25% over asking. Unusual? Maybe, but no other house similar to mine sold for as much. I am certain it's because I had Katherine as my agent. Her sales plan along with her communication and negotiation skills kept the deal in play through the ups and downs of the process. She shows up for every single inspection and meeting regarding your purchase or sale. She also knows a great contractor for anything you need.

Not only is Katherine gifted in selling, she is also very successful in guiding and negotiating the purchase of a new home. She helped us purchase our new wonderful home. She secured a great price and was able to close the deal early so we would have a place to land after the sale of the other house.

Katherine is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet; she's personable, patient and a pleasure to work with. Perhaps this is her super-power as I believe others regularly underestimate her, to their detriment and to your benefit.

I highly recommend Katherine for the purchase or sale of your home. You'll be thrilled with the results."   

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity     ~ Lauren M.

 - - - - -

"As my Realtor, Katherine:
- Listens
- Is Patient
- Clearly explains the complicated process of real estate transactions
- Developed a strategy with me to which we referred many times to make good decisions
- Shared her expert knowledge and experience
- Provided numerous recommendations for quality contractors and professionals to create
   my own personal army
- Gently reminded
- Texted urgent reminders
- Is a TIGER in negotiations
- Respected my desires, including my compulsion to make bulleted lists and spreadsheets
- Coached me
- Encouraged me
- Celebrated

Thank you!"     ~ Cindy R.

 - - - - -

"Over several months, Katherine took me to many houses in the Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties. She assured me that with each house I rejected, I was that much closer to finding the right home for me. Her knowledge of the market, her optimism, and gentle persistence helped find the perfect home. Repeatedly, she asked me if my new home is what I wanted. She carefully found competent trades-people to perform inspections to make certain the home was safe, and priced fairly."   ~ Andy B.

 - - - - -

"We bought our first home in the Bay Area with Katherine's help and have been pleased with her work from start to end. She educated us step by step about the home buying process, acted promptly when needed, listened to our concerns, answered many, many questions and paid attention to every detail throughout the buying process. She did not push us to quick decisions and kept us well informed about necessary correspondences with the seller's agents, bank and title company. Apart from being a top real estate agent we especially like Katherine's cheerful and warm personality making life so much easier while going through the stressful process of multiple offer situations. I highly recommend Katherine and would use her services again in the future."

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity     ~ Daniela B.

 - - - - -

"Katherine is one of the most pleasant people I have done business with.  She is trustworthy and reliable.  I bought a house at a very good price through her.  She follows up on every step before, during and even after escrow.  I will definitely recommend her to anyone for buying or selling a home. "    

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity     ~ David Y.

 - - - - -

"As a first-time home seller, I had many concerns and questions about the process. Katherine Greene was the ideal real estate agent for me, clearly and patiently explaining things and providing excellent advice.

During the preparation of the property and the sale process, Katherine was my knowledgeable and available assistant every step along the way. She made great recommendations on improvements that boosted the value of the property without costing me much time or money to complete. She referred me to people who could help with those projects. Katherine assisted me with the disclosures list and a list of alterations that had been made to the house. She oversaw the staging of the house, which definitely added to its value. Katherine also had good suggestions on how to get rid of lots of unwanted stuff without sending it to a landfill.  And she even brought me packing boxes and tape!

Katherine is highly professional, detail-oriented, and responsive. Her marketing skills are exceptional. The house was listed on numerous websites, and the virtual tour, photos and color brochure were very impressive. The sale transaction process went smoothly and I was very pleased with the result.

Bonus: Katherine is truly a pleasure to work with!"      ~ Dianne D.

 - - - - -

“Katherine helped us first-time home buyers to find our first home in the bay area. She was very patient with us and explained each step of the process very thoroughly. We are very happy with our home and know that we can always come back to her with more questions if we need to. Thanks very much, Katherine!”

Top Qualities:  Personable, On Time, High Integrityvv   ~ Pauline W.

 - - - - -

“Katherine executed the sale in excellent fashion, recommending a first-rate stager, hiring a professional photographer to create the listing, inviting agents to a walk through, inviting neighbors in for a wine and cheese party, orchestrating the open houses, negotiating the sale, and even helping with the move, including assisting with packing, providing materials, and assisting in the removal of and donation of goods. Superb service, start to finish.”

Top Qualities:  Great Results, Personable, Creative     ~ David W.

 - - - - -

"Deciding to sell is really the easy part. After the decision, the daunting reality sets in….sorting, shedding, packing, storing, preparing the house and garden for the sale, showing the house, putting your life on hold for a while, negotiating, signing lots and lots of documents…. And then, the other half of the equation….looking for a new place to live…and the process in reverse!

I want to say that Katherine Greene was not just a help in this matter…She and her partner were essential in so many ways.….took away that ‘overwhelmed’ feeling, provided me with assistance in packing, recommended the gardeners, handymen, painters, and others who performed the many jobs associated with selling a house and buying one too…..and she did everything with a positive attitude and a lovely smile.

I would recommend her to anyone….think she did a terrific job for me and have no doubt she would do one for you."    ~ Yvonne P

 - - - - -

“Katherine is an excellent agent that helped find my new home. She will accommodate a busy work schedule and will work hard to figure out what you want for your home.

She's also very patient and is excellent to work with if you're a new home buyer, teaching you about all aspects of the transaction and what things to consider when buying your home."

Top Qualities:  Great Results, Personable, High Integrity     ~ Jenson H

 - - - - -

"Katherine recently assisted me in finding my first house. She was extremely resourceful and patient while we went through all the process. She answered all my questions and doubts. She made sure that I had a perfect understanding of all the steps, documents and formalities required when buying a house.

She was always available; weekends included, and returned my calls and e-mails in few hours at maximum.
I am truly satisfied with her professionalism and services and I have already recommended her to my friends who are looking to buy a new house."  

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity ~David M